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Boston Cheese Cellar Cheese List
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We have over 150 different cheeses in stock at all times.
The listing below provides only a sampling of some of our more popular, interesting and tasty cheeses.

#Selected CheesesCountryRegionMilkPasteurized/RawComments
1 | Blue Cheesesexample4
1Bleu d'AuvergneFranceAuvergneCowRaw
2Cashel BlueIrelandTipperaryCowPas
3Fourme d'AmbertItalyAuvergneCowPasAncient blue cheese from the Auvergne region which can be traced back to Roman times. An earthy, buttery, fruity flavor. YUM!
4Gorgonzola DolceIrelandLombardyCowPas
5Oregon BlueUnited StatesOregonCowRaw
6RoquefortFranceSouth CentralSheepRaw
2 | Washed-Rind Cheeses
8Don MarianoSpainGoatRaw
9HooliganUnited StatesConnecticutCowRaw
11TaleggioItalyLombardyCowPasVersions of this cheese date back to Roman times. It could be called "semi-stinky", and is milky with a fruity, pungent tang. It pairs well with olives and sun-dried tomatoes.
12Winnimere from Jasper HillUnited StatesVermontCowRaw
3 | Cheddar Cheeses
13Cabot Clothbound CheddarUnited StatesVermontCowPasA cheese produced by Cabot Creamery and aged at Jasper Hill Dairy in Vermont. Wonder-ful full-flavored, mature cheddar. Grassy with a bit of citrus aftertaste. A staff favorite.
14Irish PorterIrelandLimerickCowPas
15Irish Vintage CheddarIrelandCowPas
16Quicke's CheddarEnglandDevonCowPasA classic English farmhouse-style cheddar. A firm cheese that's earthy with a pleasant sharpness and citrus afternotes.
4 | Mountain Cheeses
17ComteFranceJura PlateauCowRaw
18GruyereSwitzerlandFribourgCowRawA complex alpine cheese with a nutty, slightly mushroomy and sweet flavor and a full aftertaste. Semi-hard texture that melts in your mouth.
19Scharfe MaxxSwitzerlandThurgauCowRaw
20Tomme de SavoieFranceSavoyCowRawAn alpine cheese with a rustic appearance. Has a buttery, creamy flavor with a slight tang and a hint of grass.
5 | Hard Cheeses
21Aged GoudaHollandCowPasA pressed hard cheese with a distinctive caramel color. It develops a crunchiness with age, is sweet and flaky to the tongue, and has a bit of butterscotch at the finish.
22Grana PadanoItalyEmilia RomagnaCowRaw
23Parmigiano ReggianoItalyParma RegionCowRaw
24Piave VecchioFranceVenetoCowPas
6 | Soft-Ripened Cheeses
7 | Triple Cream Cheeses
26Affinois (Double Cream)FranceRhone-AlpsCowPasA delicious, soft-ripened double-creme cheese from France. Rich and buttery - perfect with champagne and fresh fruit.
27Brillat SavarinFranceIle-de-FranceCowPas
28St Andre Minis (7 oz)FranceNormandyCow
8 | Novelty Cheeses
29Buffalo Wing CheddarUnited StatesNew YorkCowPas
30Smoked GoudaHollandCowPas
9 | Fresh Goat Cheeses
31Fleur VerteFrancePerigordGoatSoft, creamy fresh goat cheese covered in fresh green herbs - primarily tarragon and pink peppercorns. Mild with a refreshing lemony tang.
32Petit BillyFranceLoire ValleyGoatPasFresh goat milk cheese from the village of Billy. Creamy, slightly sweet, tart, mild and delicious! Great for breakfast as an alternative to cream cheese or after dinner with fruit and nuts.
10 | Hard Goat Cheeses
33Drunken GoatSpainMurciaGoatPas
11 | Aged Goat Cheeses
34Bucheron LogFranceLoire ValleyGoatPas
35Cana de CabraSpainMurciaGoatPas
36Humboldt FogUnited StatesCaliforniaGoatPas
37Le ChevrotFrancePoitouGoatPasMoist, dense, with a clay-like texture and a sweet, tangy flavor when young that becomes increasingly piquant and nutty with age.
12 | Semi-Firm Cheeses
13 | Mountain Sheep Cheeses
39Manchego MadaraSpainLa ManchaSheepRawA sharp, strong-flavored Manchego with a pronounced, lingering aftertaste. Madara is wonderful with classic quince paste, for tapas or with fruit and honey.
40Pecorino RomanoItalyLazioSheepPas
41Petit BasqueFrancePyreneesSheepPasYou can almost taste the rolling slopes of the Pyrenees in this semi-firm cheese from the French Basque country. An excellent picnic cheese with raw vegetables, sweet peppers, salami and a good bottle of wine!
14 | Truffle Cheeses
42Pecorino TartuffoItalyUmbriaSheepOne of our best sellers, this is a pressed sheep's milk cheese enhanced with specks of aromatic black truffles that give it an addictive, garlicky, mushroomy taste. Goes well with both dry white wines and big reds, and can enhance a cheese plate or be grated atop risotto. Delicioso!
Photography by David Sokol